Accurate Detection

Know your apps

We use static and dynamic program analysis to be more confident in classifying unknown programs. Our state-of-the-art analysis does more so you can worry less.

Reliable Analysis

Identify Patterns

We allow our users to analyze the information we use for detection. Experts can find new patterns. Users can learn more about our detection system.

Clear Visualization

Get a view

Our advanced visualizations help you understand more about your applications. Our visual approach will help you with static analysis, comparison between applications, and dynamic runtime traces.

Advanced Classification

Our innovative machine-learning approach toward malware identification won't only help you find existing malware on your system, but also help identify new types of malware over time.

Dynamic Analysis

We see how your program runs without you needing to worry.

Static Analysis

We extract all of the meaningful application from your app to help us identify maliciousness.

Fast and Accurate

Our malware detection is fast and accurate so you don't have to worry about being safe.